What does élan mean?

  What does élan mean? It means something that is wonderful to look at; dashing.

Sentence Examples: –

  •         That person has dressed himself and is looking élan; so much so that you could possibly see the searing eyes of most of the female people in the room directed towards that person.
  •         If you would like to look élan, you must spend a lot of time browsing through the fashion magazines and updating yourself with the latest in fashion.
  •         It is with a lot of flourish and élan that the French cook whipped up a quality dish and served it to the people that would go on to judge the cooking show on live television.
  •         Élan or for that matter any other aspect of your life is something that you need to nurture within, and not show off as a form of prejudice over the others.

·         It is with élan that the person went out of the courtroom, upon hearing that he had been prosecuted for a crime that he did not commit and was set free.

Comfortable toilet seeking and purchasing capabilities

The most common toilets that you would be finding in the stores will come with a 5.5 or 3.5 L flushing capacity. These are mostly considered as the average models, the standard for toilets across the world.

There are also a lot of toilets which come with different innovations, most particularly the Japanese ones that come with automated water sprouting capabilities in order to get rid of the toilet paper issue. Due to the automation, you also end up reducing the amount of water to be used in such toilets.

It is a move that is not only geared towards taking care of the environment, but also ensuring that our toilets are economic, hygienic, and also gives the best possible feeling after the power movement.

Moreover, due to the ever increasing variety in toilets and accessible to the current middle-class, you find that there is a nosedive in the previously expensive toilets, making it accessible to everybody. This has also led to different brands getting into the picture and providing good quality toilets for you to choose from.

Therefore, with such a spread of toilets in front of you, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the choices. This is the reason why you need to seek out expert help by having a look at the best toilet reviews on the Internet.

These are reviewers that have personally checked out the toilet in order to find out the advantages and disadvantages that accompany them. At the very least, you would be able to understand specifications and more information that can make you an informed customer when you’re looking to purchase toilets from various sources.

This is definitely something that you would want to be a part of your ethos for purchasing anything new, be it a new house or a new toilet.

10 Ways to Get Your Running Confidence Back After Winter

I love running, but I hate treadmills, and I can’t stand the cold which means that running during the winter is not an option for me.  Instead, I spend my winters exploring fitness videos on Youtube, and websites like Daily Burn, which I am currently in love with!

Although working in doors helps to keep me in shape during the winter, I still find that the transition back to running outdoors is a little challenging.  It takes me a little bit of time to get back into the groove of things, maybe it has to do with adjusting to moving more than a few inches during my workouts to finding myself actually using every muscle in my body in such a challenging way.


Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet.

Doris Brown Heritage


Start Slow

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with our expectations, and to strain our bodies.  When transitioning back to running from working out of the house, your body will need a little time to catch up with your mind.  Start slowly and work your way back up.

I usually start transitioning by jogging.  I love doing this with hills, the first week or two I jog a few miles up and down the hill, and move on to sprinting up the hill and either walking or jogging back down.  With the right music, it is a lot of fun, and I can do that for an hour or more.

Dress to Impress

This may be an odd one, but I do feel more confident as a runner when I love the way I dress.  Invest in a few great running outfits, from great companies like Fabletics, and Ellie Fit Fashionista. They offer active wear as part of a subscription package.  The outfits are cute, fun, and affordable, a great way to feel confident during your workouts.

Healthy Diet

What you eat does affect your energy level during your workouts, and with running, which requires a lot of energy. Get into the habit of eating at least half an hour before your workouts, a small bowl of oatmeal with some fruit, or a green smoothie is a great way to prepare for a workout.


Stay Hydrated

By staying hydrated, I don’t mean before and during your run, but staying hydrated all week.  Get into the habit of drinking a glass of water every hour to hour and a half.  I like to add lemon to my water, it makes drinking water more often a little more bearable and there are great benefits to squeezing a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water, including an energy boost.  I love drinking lemon water before, during, and after my workouts.



Who can be negative with a big smile on their face?  I smile during my runs, especially when fatigue begins to set in, it keeps you in a better mood, which will help you go longer and feel better about it.

Great Music

I cannot run without music, and when I do try to, I can never go for long.  Music helps me run longer, keeps me motivated, and helps me to power through those tough moments.

Songs like Run The World by Beyonce, Stronger by Kanye West, and Lose Yourself by Eminem, help to keep me going when I feel like I can no longer keep going.



What time of the day do you choose to go running? Do you try to run first thing in the morning, while you are still exhausted, or at the end of the day, while you are exhausted?

When you choose to go running matters, no one can feel confident when they are struggling to stay awake.  If you prefer to run in the morning, try not to run as soon as you get up, but wake up at least half an hour before hand, eat a light meal and make time for a dynamic warm-up.


Talk to Yourself

Remember that the only person you are competing against is yourself!

Motivate yourself, encourage yourself, in order to work harder than you did during your previous run.  What do you think about during your workouts, do you stop yourself?

This is one of the reasons I love music during my workouts, but there are times that even that is not enough, and your ability to speak yourself through the workouts becomes important.



What motivates you?

I use Pinterest for my vision board, as well as a fitness board that I use to organize workouts that I love.  It helps to keep me motivated, and it’s a great reminder to keep going.

Find ways to stay motivated, whether it is a vision board, an accountability partner, whatever works for you.  Staying motivated will boost your confidence, because you will have something to work for.

Get Up and Move

Sometimes the hardest part is the beginning, but once you get going, you begin to remember why you loved running, the passion is rekindled and you are off.

Once the snow starts melting, and it gets warmer out, I have less excuses and realize that it’s time to get going again, there is always a little reluctance.  You get comfortable working out in the house, and the idea of having to get back can seem a lot harder than it really is, but after a week out there I can’t help but to remember why I love running and it becomes easier to get out there and get moving.

Low Self-Esteem & Your Career

I have loved building a small business, and have invested hours, time, and money that I will never get back. Whether the business succeeds or not. The same goes for those trying to climb the corporate ladder.
I remember spending most of my teens with my mother’s fist constantly pressed against my back, in an attempt to force me to stand up straight. Like many teenage girls, I had some serious self esteem issues. Learning to understand and love yourself while comparing yourself to every other girl you come across can be terrifying. Although we would love to imagine this obsessive comparison ends in our teens, some of us do carry it with us into our 20’s and beyond.

Ah, The Roaring 20’s

I have loved my 20’s. I was the awkward, shy teenager, but truly came alive in my early twenties. I fell in love (again and again), met my soul-mate, became a mother, and found success in business after making several mistakes. It’s been quite the experience, and for most of us, this is what the 20’s are all about. A chance to really understand yourself and to figure out where you want to go. You will fall in love many times, experience heartbreak, move into your first place, begin your journey up the corporate ladder, or even launch your own business.
All of these experiences are a blast for the most part, but there will be moments where you will feel as if you are in a high school musical flashback!

Facing an Uncertain Future

Discovering who you want to be tomorrow can take a toll on your self esteem, because it means experiencing the good and the bad. In literature it’s called ‘A Coming of Age Story.’ Like I mentioned before, although I have finally found success in my career, there were many failures along the way. At one point I had to make my family understand that I did not want to be who they thought I should be. Being from a West African family, that is a very big deal, it meant wearing my big girl pants, and heading into this world knowing that I was expected to fail.
A lot of us graduate and join the work force in our early to mid twenties. It’s full of hungry, overambitious, and competitive members of our peers. The transition from student to employee is a challenging one. Every decision seems life altering, the choice to accept an internship with your dream company, or to take a more stable position elsewhere—the choice to start a family and risk losing out on career opportunities. It’s overwhelming, and if you let it, it can affect your self confidence and leave you living in fear and uncertainty.

Letting Your Fear Hold You Back

The moments I am most proud of looking back on are the moments I leaped forward, unprepared for what was on the other side. As a daredevil, in many ways, it’s easier for me to make choices that most would run away from, but these are the moments when I learn what I am truly capable of.
Remember your first love. The first boy who gave you butterflies, I met mine in my early 20’s. He was everything I wasn’t supposed to be with.
  • He wasn’t African.
  • It was a long distance relationship.
  • He worked for the military, which meant a high possibility of leaving for long periods of time.
It didn’t work out, but it was an incredible couple of weeks. He was one of the most affectionate, kindest men I had ever met at that point. And although the heartbreak was unbearable at the time, I wouldn’t change a thing. I learned that I can survive heartbreak that terrible.
Same goes with my first miscarriage, and my first failure in business.
Be fearless and be bold, letting your fears and your insecurities dictate your choices will hold you back in every aspect of your life, and it will suck the life out of you when it comes to your career success.
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Working Mom in Balance: 7 Tips For Building a Killer Work From Home Business

Do you remember all those little sayings we used to hear from our mothers, could you ever imagine that you could apply them to your work from home business?  There are many ways to succeed in business, all depending on the kind of business you have and the kind of owner that you are.  There are however, a couple of rules that can be applied to all business, many of which we heard often from our mother’s growing up.

1. Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in your ability to succeed in business why should anyone else?  You should only build businesses that you truly believe in, and believe you can be successful running, or your business has already failed.

2.  Stand up Straight

Why? Because it conveys confidence.  Confidence is important especially when you are a start-up spending a lot of time speaking to potential investors and selling yourself.  If you look like you are not confident in your product or service, no one will buy it.

3.  Ignore the copycats

I say it so much my throat hurts sometimes, when my younger one copies the older one, and within minutes she’s screaming for her to stop.  Copy cats will come if you are doing something right, because they will see success in your business model.  Focus on what you are doing, continue to improve, and your customers will remain loyal to you.

4. Don’t Rush Because You Will Regret it Later

I remember my mom saying this often, especially when we had sweets and I wanted to gulp mine down, because she knew that I would not enjoy watching everyone else savoring theirs afterwards.  Apply the same principle to business, it does not happen over time, take your time and you will enjoy the ride. Every failure should be a learning experience.

5.  Don’t be Wasteful

There will be many mistakes along the way, keep some money saved up for those dry spells.  If you have the opportunity to meet great investors, use the money wisely.

6. If You Have Nothing Nice To Say…

Although the saying is that the customer is always right, we know that may not always be the case.  You will run into the one or two, or three unreasonable customers, and you will want to speak your mind, but…If you want your business to succeed, you will have to learn to be very patient.

7. You Can Do It!

Yes you can, it takes time and work to build an empire but it can be done.  Microsoft did not become Microsoft over night, neither did Facebook. Building a work from home business can be hard because it is easy to get complacent.  Staying motivated can be hard at the beginning, that is when many people give up because they do not see results right away.  These moments are the ones that will matter most, because they will determine whether you have what it takes to succeed in business.

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4 Ways to Simplify Natural Hair For The Busy Female Entrepreneur

 One thing it is not, is a simple process.


Everyone has a different experience, whether you choose to transition, or do the big chop (something I have yet to be able to do) Personally natural hair has been challenging for me, because I rarely have the time to dedicated to my hair and when I do have enough time on my hands that is the last thing that I want to do.

Even with a work from home business, presentation is very important to me.  I spend hours during the week on Skype or Hangouts speaking with my clients, and the way I present myself is a reflection of my business, which means that I have had to find ways to simplify natural hair care.

1. Understand Moisture

Avocado oil on table close-upIt took me a long time to understand how to moisturize my natural hair, really, because there is so much advice out there that it can all get confusing.  It really was a trial and error learning process for me, and I have combined so many oils together and tried so many brands that my hubby is still sore about the containers of natural hair products that sit unopened in the bathroom.



Mistakes I made:


  • Apply oil on wet hair, the point of the oil is to seal the moisture in.
  • If you are going to try different oil combinations to see what works for you, start small, don’t mix all of your oils together only to realize it does not work for you.
  • Don’t overdo it with the oils and moisturizers, a little goes a long way, and the last thing you want to do is create buildup.

2.  Cover Your Hair at Night

After a long work day, juggling between career or business, family, and home, sometimes all you want to do is jump into bed and pray that your alarm malfunctions so that you can have an excuse not to get up early.  If you need to simplify your morning routine, you should probably suck it up.


I make sure that my scarf is hanging on a hook by the sink, as soon as I finish brushing my teeth, take a few minutes to wrap my hair and cover it up.


Those few minutes will save you a lot of time the next morning, and will simplify styling your hair for your work day.


“Braid It or Band It: Do you have long and/or natural hair? If so, try pulling hair back into a single braid and secure the end with an elastic band. You can also try banding, where you pull hair back and loosely hold with an elastic band and place a few other bands down the length of the ponytail. Make sure and keep the elastics loose. Undoing the braid in the morning can result in waves for days, while banding can reduce the volume in natural curls somewhat.

How easy is that? With just a few minutes spent on nighttime care, you cut out all the flat-ironing and hot curling to get some body and bumped ends in the morning. Less heat = healthier hair, and who doesn’t want that?”


3. Find Styles That Come Easy to You

Youtube made me want to go natural, long before I knew about the benefits, natural hair gurus had me coveting the natural look.  They looked fabulous and the video tutorials looked so simple, I was sure that the moment I decided to transition, I would look A-mazing from the very first day, because if they could do it, then of course, so could I.


Obviously we all know that is not the case.  To this day, I stay away from flat twists, because although I can easily do them on my daughters’ hair, I cannot for the life of me get them right on my head.  That is one style that I will just have to spend a little money to rock, which is fine, because I am comfortable with roll sets, twists, and braid outs.


I avoid trying to master new hair styles during the work week, because the last thing you want is to wake up the next morning and find yourself with a natural hair crisis, especially if you have short hair, trust me on that one! Instead, practice during the weekends, or other days off and figure out the styles that come easy to you.


4.  Protective Styles Rule!

7 to 8 months out of the year, you will find me with a protective style.  Usually, either box braids or crochet braids, Pretty young woman talking on the phonebecause they are styles that I have mastered and can do on my own, and second because they are so easy to maintain while still giving me the flexibility to change it up a bit.


Protective styles aren’t just great during the winter, but are great throughout the year, because they prevent over-manipulation of your hair.  They are easy to maintain for the woman on the go.


Interested in learning how to braid or crochet your own hair? A few simple tutorials that I love!

Personalized Fitness Experience With Daily Burn

Personalized Fitness WIth Daily Burn

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

It’s winter time and I have been working hard to get fit, healthier, and to transform my body!

It has been quite the experience, using alternative platforms like YouTube to work out, because making time to go the gym is nearly impossible at the moment. I always say, even if I did have a little extra time in the day, the only thing I would want to do with that time is just get some sleep.

Benefits of Working Out At Home

No Excuses!

Even though there are times I find a way to come up with an excuse to not work out, being able to exercise at home makes it difficult.  If you depend on the gym membership, you can waste your money.  After work, kids, cleaning, and everything in between, going to the gym can quickly become just another chore.

I love running, and for me that is easy to do during certain months, but I despise the cold, so running in the winter is never an option for me.  Unfortunately, these OH winters are annoyingly long (in my opinion)

YouTube is great, but I wanted to try something more personalized to my needs and saw a Daily Burn commercial that really seemed to answer all of my questions.  I was excited to try it out after I saw that the first 30 days are free.  All that means to me, is that I do not have to spend a dime, until I am sure that this is for me…honestly, I will keep this membership, it is worth the $13 a month that it will cost to keep me fit.

A Personalized Fitness Experience

I started my daily burn experience by answering questions that fit my personal needs and goals, and was assigned a coach, and he is my favorite trainer. I am obsessed with Bob Harper, and not just because of his good looks, but I love how challenging his videos are.  I became obsessed with his fitness videos a few months ago after finding them on YouTube, so I was so happy to see that he was my coach.

I chose the most challenging options and at least an hour to work out. You are then assigned a program, and was given Black Fire. A very challenging but approachable program for beginners and experts. It challenges your body to its peak and combines strength, cardio, and gymnastics inspired workouts that are so much fun, if you love working out as much as I do.

You are given several plans and options for support:

  • Workout
  • Nutrition
  • Supplement

All personalized to your goals and abilities.

Below is my video, walking you through my personal account so that you can have an understanding of Daily Burn, that will hopefully encourage you to try the program for 30 days free.  What do you have to lose?

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