Personalized Fitness Experience With Daily Burn

Personalized Fitness WIth Daily Burn

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

It’s winter time and I have been working hard to get fit, healthier, and to transform my body!

It has been quite the experience, using alternative platforms like YouTube to work out, because making time to go the gym is nearly impossible at the moment. I always say, even if I did have a little extra time in the day, the only thing I would want to do with that time is just get some sleep.

Benefits of Working Out At Home

No Excuses!

Even though there are times I find a way to come up with an excuse to not work out, being able to exercise at home makes it difficult.  If you depend on the gym membership, you can waste your money.  After work, kids, cleaning, and everything in between, going to the gym can quickly become just another chore.

I love running, and for me that is easy to do during certain months, but I despise the cold, so running in the winter is never an option for me.  Unfortunately, these OH winters are annoyingly long (in my opinion)

YouTube is great, but I wanted to try something more personalized to my needs and saw a Daily Burn commercial that really seemed to answer all of my questions.  I was excited to try it out after I saw that the first 30 days are free.  All that means to me, is that I do not have to spend a dime, until I am sure that this is for me…honestly, I will keep this membership, it is worth the $13 a month that it will cost to keep me fit.

A Personalized Fitness Experience

I started my daily burn experience by answering questions that fit my personal needs and goals, and was assigned a coach, and he is my favorite trainer. I am obsessed with Bob Harper, and not just because of his good looks, but I love how challenging his videos are.  I became obsessed with his fitness videos a few months ago after finding them on YouTube, so I was so happy to see that he was my coach.

I chose the most challenging options and at least an hour to work out. You are then assigned a program, and was given Black Fire. A very challenging but approachable program for beginners and experts. It challenges your body to its peak and combines strength, cardio, and gymnastics inspired workouts that are so much fun, if you love working out as much as I do.

You are given several plans and options for support:

  • Workout
  • Nutrition
  • Supplement

All personalized to your goals and abilities.

Below is my video, walking you through my personal account so that you can have an understanding of Daily Burn, that will hopefully encourage you to try the program for 30 days free.  What do you have to lose?

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