What does élan mean?

What does élan mean? It means something that is wonderful to look at; dashing.

Sentence Examples: –

  •         That person has dressed himself and is looking élan; so much so that you could possibly see the searing eyes of most of the female people in the room directed towards that person.
  •         If you would like to look élan, you must spend a lot of time browsing through the fashion magazines and updating yourself with the latest in fashion.
  •         It is with a lot of flourish and élan that the French cook whipped up a quality dish and served it to the people that would go on to judge the cooking show on live television.
  •         Élan or for that matter any other aspect of your life is something that you need to nurture within, and not show off as a form of prejudice over the others.

·         It is with élan that the person went out of the courtroom, upon hearing that he had been prosecuted for a crime that he did not commit and was set free.